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With offices in London and New York, Whitestone is a consultancy of internationally recognised strategists, creatives and producers with proven track records and global agency backgrounds.

We developed Change-Storming™ having analysed which tasks could be undertaken efficiently and cost-effectively to focus the ‘right resource for the right task’ and deliver solutions that will drive impact for businesses.

Change-Storming™ is the most effective and efficient way to define and align your business, brand and people. For instance, if you’re thinking about…

  • Strategic change
  • Preparing for growth
  • Positioning or repositioning
  • Strengthening your purpose
  • Unifying cultures
  • Building trust
  • Realigning under new leadership
  • Retaining and attracting talent
  • Cut-through a crowded market
  • Changing how you communicate
  • Developing a social mission
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